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We have the solution: our online, on-demand process safety course. Built for the busy professional, our course lets your employees learn at their own pace, ensuring full understanding without the pressure of time.Forget the hassle of organising in-person safety training. With us, all you need is an internet connection.

Say Goodbye to Safety Incidents

Safety is not just a priority, it's a core value. But transforming your workforce into safety-conscious individuals can be challenging. Every company experiences safety incidents. They're inevitable. But what if you could minimize them, or better yet, prevent them from happening at all?

IChemE Accreditation

Trust is vital, and our course is accredited by IChemE, a mark of quality in chemical engineering and process safety. Be rest assured that you're investing in top-notch education.

Sample Videos

What is ALARP?

In this video, we discuss ALARP, a vital measure in major hazard industries for reducing risk. ALARP helps determine whether further risk mitigation is necessary, considering both the likelihood and severity of potential accidents

Weak Signals

Weak signals play in preventing hazards across industries. These often-overlooked signs could indicate deeper issues and discuss the importance of recognising and addressing them

Emergency Response

We want to prevent major accidents but should one occur, it is vital that we have a robust emergency response

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